Find here a selection of useful resources, background information and funding opportunities for the economic sustainability of media start-ups in the Maghreb.


Startup Act Tunisie

The website gathering all information related to the Start Up Act in Tunisia.

Entrepreneurs Of Tunisia

The platform of the Tunisian entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Algerian entrepreneurial ecosystem mapping by Sylabs

Sylabs, the Algerian entrepreneurship and technology hub, has produced a mapping of the Algerian entrepreneurial ecosystem.

DW Innovation

DW Innovation explores emerging technologies and their impact on journalism, media and the public.


Digital Media Startup Companies in the Arab world 2019

Published by the Maharat Fundation (Lebanon), this study looks at examples of media start-ups in Morocco. is a partnership between the DW Akademie in Lebanon and the Maharat Fundation and offers a wide range of resources for media start-ups across the MENA region.

From start to success
A handbook for digital media entrepreneurs

A practical guide to media sustainability bringing together feedback and advice from 21 media startups operating in 18 different countries.

The first chapter dedicated to business launch focuses on initiatives from the MENA region.

More publications of the DW Akademie on the topic of media sustainability.

INN Index 2020

The Institute for Nonprofit News’ annual reports provide an overview of how nonprofit news organizations operate in North America, as well as current trends and challenges.


The Global Investigative Journalism Network (GIJN) offers many resources: fundraising tips, lists of grants and scholarships


A bit about the toolkit in English.




This year, MEDIA LOVES TECH is offering a special prize for projects working in the field of science journalism. The best proposals can win up to €5,000!

But what do we mean by science journalism?

We use the term in a broad sense: we define it as a form of journalism that focuses on covering science and business news in order to provide the public with reliable and understandable information.

The Coronavirus pandemic period has reminded us that providing the general public with reliable and timely information on health and economic issues is more than a necessity.

In this context, the media have a great responsibility to report the news accurately, while taking into account the conflicts that can arise in a global crisis, to rank expert opinions and to question political decisions on issues of economic promotion and health management.

That is why MEDIA LOVES TECH wants to highlight and reward the best projects in this category.

Do you have a project that can improve the work of journalists on these issues? A tool that facilitates data processing? A solution to make complex issues accessible to the greatest number of people?

Participate in MEDIA LOVES TECH and increase your chances of success!