The SMART MEDIA ACCELERATOR, a program that is, above all, intelligent!

The resources provided constitute the foundation upon which various project activities are built. The available online learning courses are tailored to the needs of emerging media companies that make up Tunisia’s ecosystem.

We understand the difficulties and challenges of starting and running a media business. That’s why our online learning courses offer the flexibility to acquire all the skills and knowledge required, at your own pace,focusing on the areas where development is needed.

SMART MEDIA ACCELERATOR offers a wide range of e-learning content tailored to the development stage of your  start-up or media organization.

MEDIA LOVES TECH supports the development of start-ups and media prototypes using SMAx, a platform bringing together online learning courses covering essential themes for any media entrepreneur, including business & product design, business model & revenue models and pitching.

MEDIA PARCOURS helps already established media to accelerate their growth. After developing a specific roadmap, media outlets complete the “Basics of Journalism” online course, which covers the foundations of journalistic work, such as research, ethics, fact-checking and principles of radio and multimedia reporting. This is the ideal starting point before moving on to practical application in the field.

In addition, the Smartmediaaccelerator.com site is regularly updated with new valuable resources for visitors interested in media entrepreneurship.