What is it about ?

“MEDIA PARCOURS” is a development program aimed at strengthening the viability of Tunisian media outlets. Based on a strategic analysis, it offers targeted and individual support. The program adapts to the needs of the participating media, and supports in the form of financial means, as well as learning, knowledge and expertise. “MEDIA PARCOURS” is an intensive program through which participating media pass over a period of 6 to 9 months- it aims for quick results and visible success, and overall improved sustainability of participating media outlets.

What do we offer?

The program is designed and tailor-made in collaboration of the team and participating media. The support of the “MEDIA PARCOURS” is smart in a way that it is tailored and begins with an audit of the situation of the media (organization, marketing, audience and quality) in order to understand the needs. Depending on the brand identity, the media defines the objectives (or KPIs) that should be achieved throughout the acceleration program. Based on this, the roadmap of activities is designed and carried out divided in different stages, but always directly linked to the needs, and supported by recognized national and international experts.

“MEDIA PARCOURS” is a flexible program that offers different support options: capacity building, trainings by experts to improve the way the media outlet is run, access to online resources (MOOC), targeted funding and even networking.

The heart of the support is structured along three main axes:

  1. the quality of journalistic content and “the process of creating it”
  2. financial management
  3. audience development

What is the goal?

The common objective is to enhance and grasp the media’s success in figures and on the basis of quality criteria. The media therefore has access to key information to contact investors, media funds, sponsors, etc. at any time.

A “roadmap” divided in several stages and steps is defined and validated by both parties. Each step will pave the way for receiving funding upon completion – possibly up to €10,000 in total.

The “MEDIA PARCOURS” program team reserves the right to terminate the support during the program or to suspend all or part of the financing in the event that the pre-defined objectives are not achieved.

In addition to providing expertise and solutions, the DW Akademie team will strive as part of the project to acquire additional funding and offer you access to other opportunities.

For whom?

“MEDIA PARCOURS” is designed for all independent, associative or private media organizations which are operating in Tunisia.
The program is perfect for all media outlets that would like to improve the quality of their reporting, practices, and in this way achieve more sustainability.
“MEDIA PARCOURS” is made for organizations that are ready to enhance their entire structure and functioning in a development process for more success.

How to apply?

By responding to our call for participation, open from June 1 to July 15, 2023: MEDIA PARCOURS 2023 | Application form.

Filling in the form is the first step before a possible interview.

Tell us about your situation, let us know your needs!