Smart Media Accelerator

A hub for quality media and journalism

The Smart Media Accelerator (SMA) is DW Akademie’s initiative to identify, support and accelerate media outlets and start-up media projects, all in the name of quality journalism in Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria. Under the umbrella of the SMA, the incubation program MEDIA LOVES TECH supports young start-ups and projects in the “prototype phase”, while the MEDIA PARCOURS accelerates the growth of already founded quality-oriented media outlets.

The Smart Media Accelerator (SMA) is the hub for quality journalism and consists of two different projects (MEDIA LOVES TECH and MEDIA PARCOURS) which are unified by the same goal: to enhance the quality of journalism and reporting.

Smart funding and hands-on support

The Smart Media Accelerator provides practical and “smart” funding to media initiatives- the support is tailored and caters to the individual needs of the media, which makes it sustainable approach. The Smart Media Accelerator takes on a multidimensional and sustainable take on development and offers independent learning in the form of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses).

MEDIA LOVES TECH and MEDIA PARCOURS are interlinked, as MEDIA LOVES TECH supports early-stage start-ups and project ideas, while the MEDIA PARCOURS then provides continuous support, or accelerates already existing media and their growth and innovation. MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) serve as a source of knowledge to both projects, which is completed with tailored mentoring and coaching sessions by the team and experts.

Achievable goals and milestones

Together with the participating media houses and media start-ups, so-called KPIs, Key performance indicators, are set and help measure and achieve developments and goals, in addition to well-defined milestone. Upon achieving those milestones, the participating media can qualify to receive financial support.

Participating media in the MEDIA PARCOURS follow a standardized reporting system, which focuses on the progress around the pillars of their set KPIs:

  • Adhering to quality criteria
  • Finances
  • Clicks and reach of audience

The SMA journey

Passing through the incubation program MEDIA LOVES TECH takes three to six months, while finishing the acceleration in the MEDIA PARCOURS takes another four to nine months’ time.

Whether media outlets take part in MEDIA LOVES TECH, MEDIA PARCOURS or both, the Smart Media Accelerator provides the framework for dynamic, targeted and successful growth.


The Smart Media Accelerator is an initiative by DW Akademie, a leading organisation in Germany for international media development, and is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development of Germany (BMZ) and the European Union.