Final Jury 2019

Noomane Fehri

was the Minister of Digital Economy in Tunisia in 2015 & 2016. He is known to be a reformer and a leader in the digital economy. His mandate has initiated the emergence of a Tunisian startups ecosystem which Noomane decided to support through the “Technology Payment card” & the “Startup Act” Law.

After 20 years of international career in Energy & technology, in 10 countries, he decided to dedicate his time to politics and was elected in 2011 in the Constituent Assembly and re-elected to the Assembly of People’s Representatives in 2014.
In 2017, Noomane quit politics & Founded B@Labs, a Startup Incubator launched with BIAT, the first privately-owned bank in Tunisia.

Noomane, has a master degree in Geophysics from ENS-ULM & an engineering degree from French Petroleum Institute.

Malek Khadhraoui

is the president and cofounder of Al Khatt, he is also the editorial director of inkyfada, one of Al Khatt projects, focused on long form journalism, data-journalism and investigation.

Malek is Nawaat NGO’ co-founder in 2011 and Editor-in-chief of nawaat.org till October 2013. Graduated in business administration he is a blogger and anti-censorship activist, he has a special interest in investigative journalism , data journalism and photography. Besides being journalist and Editorial director of inkyfada, Malek is also a trainer and expert in media strategy development.

Vera Möller-Holtkamp

is a journalist and a project manager for DW Akademie, implementing media development projects in Tunisia.

She looks back to 15 years of experience in journalism and media development – having worked as a journalist, journalistic trainer oder project manager in countries like: Vietnam, Colombia, Peru, Guatemala, El Salvador, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Morocco and Tunisia. For DW Akademie she worked on the regional digital strategy for the MENA-Region. One of the ideas developed in there was to bring the media, digital innovation and the start-up-scene closer together. So the idea of MEDIA LOVES TECH was born.

She once studied political sciences in Heidelberg (Germany) and Paris (France) and is now happy to be the DW Akademie project manager of MEDIA LOVES TECH – contributing to a great team.

Amel Saidane

is an entrepreneur, ecosystem builder and digital transformation expert. She is president of Tunisian Startups, the association giving a voice to Tunisian startups. She has co-founded a Startup building a knowledge base and career management platform.

She also acts as management consultant specialising in digital transformation and business strategy. She is an innovation and digital transformation activist acting for instance as Tunisia ambassador for Digital Arabia Network, a platform supporting the digital transformation in the arab world, seedtars startup competition and World Summit Awards for digital innovation.

She also a member of the BMW Responsible Leaders Network. Prior to that she has acted in different sales and client relationship management roles. Working in Tunisia for some of the largest multinationals (Microsoft, Siemens, Nokia Siemens), Amel has an extensive knowledge of the Tunisian market and sales and marketing management practices.