Behind the Scenes

Got started:

We are happy that MEDIA LOVES TECH is now open to your ideas!

Have a look on how we developped the project! Get to know the team working behind the scenes. Lern more about the projet if you like: by DW Akademie and Alkhatt @MediaLovesTech

6.8.2018 in the DW Akademie-office in Tunis: We just found the right name for the project: “MEDIA LOVES TECH” – and we love it!
All that is on the menu in MEDIA LOVES TECH!

Concept Note is ready and the claim. Great working together: Amel Saidaine, our local Project Manager for this project, is also the president of the association Tunisian Startups, and Vera Möller-Holtkamp, Project manager of DW Akademie North Africa, she is also a journalist. So: MEDIA LOVES TECH!

14.8.2018 The Key Visuals are here (Thanks to our designer Doro Spiro!): Hard to chose but we do have a favorite.

28.8.2018: Testing mobile devices in the office in Berlin! Camilla Hildebrandt is our project manager for the conference, (a great singer) and a journalist; and Paul Schütte, is a super creative developer! MEDIA LOVES TECH! Getting ready!

We are so lucky that coding is no problem for Paul! So this is really teamwork! Great spirit! MEDIA LOVES TECH – nearly ready to be launched…

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