Registration is now open for journalists to apply for the competition “Start-ups on Air” until 15th December 2021.

Participate on and find out more at:

Journalists and media professionals from Tunisia, Algeria, Lebanon and Jordan will have the opportunity to take part in a competition by submitting their format ideas. Ideas can be submitted by individuals as well as by teams. The submissions will then be evaluated by a jury of experts. 

The participants with the best ideas will win a prize money of 1.500 € (one winner or team for each country). 

One main winner or winning team will receive a financial production support of € 15.000 € and coaching on the job by experienced DW Akademie trainers to realize the winning idea in 2022.


Ali Srour

Ali Srour (Alexsai) is a Senior Data Scientist and Artificial Intelligence Research Developer. An international tech innovation consultant and keynote speaker and the CEO of SocialLab. With more than seven years of experience, Ali has a global contribution in the Media industry throughout his Digital Transformation strategies and programs. In addition, Ali is a global certified AI and Digital Transformation Innovation Leader from MIT Institute.

Ute Mattigkeit

Ute Mattigkeit is the founder and Managing Director of gomie production, a company specializing in television and web production. For more than 10 years she worked in various management positions at ZDF (Second German Television – public broadcaster). Until 2020, most recently as executive editor for WISO – a weekly, renowned, award-winning primetime - TV magazine. In various ZDF projects, Ute Mattigkeit has also worked intensively on topics of digital transformation and the development of new digital storytelling approaches and formats with a user centric design.
Ute Mattigkeit also acts as a trainer for TV- and Multimedia Journalism - e.g. for “DW Academy” and the German Goethe-Institute. Ute also co-founded and acted as Managing Director of the Media Academy South Africa from 2009 till 2011.
Born in 1972, Ute Mattigkeit has been working in the media for over 25 years. After completing an MA in politics, history and economics at the University of Muenster (Germany), she went on to train as a journalist at a television production company in Cologne. Since then, she has worked for several public and private television stations, as well as print and online-magazines in Germany and internationally. As an executive producer, Ute was responsible for the launch and success of several television programs, for example nineandahalf, an award winning weekly news program, broadcasted on Germany’s first TV channel, ARD.
In 2004, Ute Mattigkeit began specializing in video journalism through training provided by German TV station Hessischer Rundfunk (ARD/HR). Since then she has been producing numerous documentaries and feature-stories in Europe, Afrika, Asia and the US. Ute Mattigkeit has been awarded several awards, such as the North American TV Award, the International Film Festival Award in Bangkok, the EMIL audience award and two nominations for the World Television Award in Canada.

Ibrahim Mohamad

Is an economist, as well as columnist and senior editor with special tasks at Deutsche Welle/ DW Arabic. Since joining DW he has undertaken various responsibilities. Together with a specialized team, he was mainly involved in the preparation and launch of the Arabic DW website ( After being part of the working team preparing the launch of DW TV Arabic, he then took over the management of the Arabic online team from 2005 until 2010.
Before working at DW, Dr. Ibrahim Mohamad was media director at the German-Arab Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Berlin. Within this capacity, he became the first editor-in-chief of "Al-Souq" magazine, which is regularly published by the Chamber of Commerce in Arabic and German. Previously, Dr. Mohamad has been writing successful articles and analyses for different print media for many years. From 1995 to 2002 he also worked as correspondent for the international newspaper “Al-Hayat” and for the business magazine “A-Iktissad wal Aamal”.

Dr. Ibrahim Mohamad studied political science in Damascus, specializing in economics and management. In 1991, he received his PhD in economic policy in Berlin. After obtaining his doctorate, he initially became a lecturer in the Faculty of Economics at Tishreen University in Latakia, Syria.