Crisis Support for Regional Media –
Fit for the future

The first component of the project aims to support the management of regional media in crisis contexts. Media outlets can apply to receive up to EUR 25,000 in financial support.
To mitigate the devastating impact of the war on Ukrainian media and increase their resilience, DW Akademie launched a new Crisis Management Programme with a team of international and Ukrainian media experts.

Crisis Management Programme:

1. Short Term Support:
To respond to the immediate needs of selected media outlets for core support and ensure their survival, DW Akademie has decided to partner with leading local organisations that have the capacity to support regional journalists, including frontline and independent journalists in remote areas. Journalists will be able to cover their essential needs and therefore maintain their operating capacities to deliver essential information.

2. Strategic Support:
DW Akademie will also support 10-15 media outlets in developing a viability strategy that will be operational both during the war and in a post-war context.
Ukrainian regional media based within Ukraine or relocated to another country are invited to submit their interest to the MediaFit project team at any time.
The MediaFit Programme encourages media with fact-checking capacities to curb disinformation and reinforce response mechanisms to disinformation narratives. The focus is on rebuilding trust with local audiences, especially in regions heavily affected by the war.