Creators Fund – Fit for your story

The Creators Fund is DW Akademie’s main content creation tool in Ukraine. The innovative programme provides support for independent regional media productions with a strong focus on developing initiatives to address disinformation and misinformation.

The goal of the Creators Fund is to push for a bigger variety of media content that is both compelling and useful to regional audiences. Attention is paid to improve the delivery of quality content in dynamic media formats.
Independent local media outlets and individual journalists receive support in both keeping up with the fast-paced digitalisation of media and developing innovative storytelling techniques.

MediaFit Product Incubator
DW Akademie is also offering the possibility for media outlets to join the MediaFit Product Incubator – a product development course to guide outlets through the development process: from conception phase to product release. The incubator includes mentoring by a selection of international and regional experts, along with feedback rounds for each product development stage from peers with relevant experience in Ukraine.

MediaFit Capacity-Building Scheme

DW Akademie supports regional journalists and media outlets through a comprehensive MediaFit Capacity-Building Scheme that strengthens the capacity of media professionals both at managerial and editorial levels. It includes trainings and mentoring on digital security, war reporting and mental health.
The MediaFit Capacity-Building Scheme is open to journalists and activists with very different skill sets, from citizen journalists willing to become professional, to professionals willing to upgrade their skills.