Live Sessions

Monday, December 2, 4pm CET

Digital safety for journalists: a panel discussion of the risks, adversaries and possible solutions

Join our panel of international reporters and digital security experts for a discussion of the digital dangers facing media professionals. Journalist Ala’a Shehabi talks about how the Bahraini government tried to spy on her with high-grade surveillance software and what she now does to protect herself. Christian Stöcker, the head of the web, tech and media desk at Germany’s renowned Spiegel Online gives insights into how he stays digitally safe in his day-to-day work. Find out from about digital threats from Anne Roth of Tactical Tech, one of world’s leading NGOs working on digital security for activists and dissidents, and learn more about the situation on the ground for journalists from Hauke Gierow from Reporters without Borders.


Tuesday, December 3, 3pm CET

Secure communication between journalists: learning from the offshore leaks collaboration

Sebastian Mondial
Two journalists can manage to find a way to communicate securely. But what about when it comes to collaborating with five others? Or eighty? Renowned data journalist Sebastian Mondial discloses how to protect communications from snooping eyes but still keeping the information flowing. Mondial was one of the first journalists entrusted with millions of offshore tax files leaked to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists. The analysis of the files involved nearly 100 journalists from more than 40 countries and is probably the largest collaboration in journalism history.

Wednesday, December 4, 3pm CET

Your digital footprint: what going online reveals about you and how to minimize your tracks

Anne Roth
Every time you go online you leave behind a digital trail that can be followed. From making a comment on a blog to uploading photos to Flickr and using Facebook, everything you do reveals something about where you are and what you’re doing. This can be a major problem, especially for journalists working in countries with repressive regimes or those researching sensitive stories. Find out how to protect yourself with Anne Roth from Tactical Tech, one of world’s leading nongovernmental organizations promoting digital security for activists and dissidents.

Thursday, December 5, 2pm CET

Digital surveillance around the world: an overview of online spying on journalists

Hauke Gierow
Digital surveillance and Internet censorship have become global phenomena no longer restricted to repressive regimes and authoritarian governments. But the methods used by authorities vary across the globe. Join Hauke Gierow from Reporters Without Borders for a whirlwind tour of the world to learn about the different digital threats facing journalists depending on where they live.

Friday, December 6, 2pm CET

Safer mobile use: get smart about using your cell phone

Mobile phones, and especially smartphones, are godsends to journalists because they make it so much easier to do our job. But cell phones also make it easier for authorities to locate journalists and monitor their movements and their communications. Phones also carry information – such as our contacts, pictures and videos – that we wouldn’t want to fall into the wrong hands. Daniel O’ Clunaigh from Tactical Tech will talk you through some of the dangers of mobile phone use and how to minimise the risks. O’ Clunaigh draws on his experience working with grass roots human rights groups who need solutions that are practical, effective and easy to use.

Friday, December 6, 4 pm CET

What’s in that message? The dangers lurking in links and attachments

From a link to a video of a massacre in Syria to the latest UN report on polio, journalists are constantly receiving emails, Tweets or Facebook messages pointing out interesting information. After all, being on top of breaking news is our job. But what about when the email you receive is actually a phishing attack or when an attachment secretly installs surveillance software on your computer? In this session, security expert and ex-hacker Morgan Marquis-Boire uses real-life examples to show how journalists and media activists are being hacked. He’ll also talk about what you can do to make yourself safer.

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