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Resources (Basics)

Best online digital security resources for journalists
The resources listed in this post have been created specifically with the needs of journalists and activists in mind.

Top 20 digital security terms you should know
SSL, PGP, VPN… If you feel bewildered and keep asking yourself what it all means, check out our essential glossary of digital security terms.

Digital security at a glance – the onMedia collection
We examine everything you need to know about keeping your passwords safe to avoiding being tracked online and how to permanently delete sensitive files from your computer.

Know your Risks

What are the risks of using Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp and Co.?
A look at the popular services for journalists, their risks and possible, more secure alternatives.

What’s your threat? Working out your security needs
To make it easier to determine your security needs, you need to ask yourself some questions about what your specific threats actually are.

Your browser’s ‘fingerprints’ and how to reduce them
Digital fingerprinting is when websites digitally mine your browser for information to learn about you and your browsing as you surf the internet.

Think Skype is safe? Think again
Many journalists and dissidents also use Skype because they believe it is safe from surveillance and eavesdropping. That simply isn’t true.

Tools and apps that reveal your digital shadow
When ever we use our phone or go online, information is collected about us all. The following tools and apps have been recommended by Tactical Tech to help you explore and expose your own digital shadow.

Falling for phishing – hook, line and sinker
Falling for a phishing attack can have serious repercussions.

Tips how to stay safe

“Know your enemy!” Security tips from Tunisian cyberactivist Slim Amamou
The cyberactivist gives some tips for keeping data and communications safe from prying eyes.

Secure your surfing with a Virtual Private Network (VPN)
One way of staying anonymous online is through the use of a VPN (or Virtual Private Network)

Hiding your online identity: Trialling Tor in Cambodia
One of the best known and easy-to-use systems for doing this is Tor. But Tor has some disadvantages – many complain it slows down their surfing. So what happens when you use it somewhere that already has slow internet?

Anti-virus software: Boosting your digital immune system
One of the quickest and easiest things you can to do to protect yourself from digital nasties is to install anti-virus software

Is encryption still worth the trouble? You bet it is
The US information agency had broken the back of encryption and destroyed privacy. However, that’s not quite true, and for those who want their online communications more secure, encrypting them is still the way to go.

Managing your online footprint on social networks
A German IT security group released a report on the dangers of social networking and how to be smarter about using them. We take a look at a few of their recommendations for keeping more of your privacy intact on Facebook and Co.

Beef up your online security with two-factor verification
One of the basic steps every journalist should take to protect their online accounts from hackers is to use two-step verification.

How to protect your Android device from hackers
Android is the most widely used mobile operating system worldwide and that makes it a tempting target for makers of malicious software. So what’s a journalist using this operating system to do?

How to protect yourself from hackers
Journalists and media organizations are increasingly being targeted by hackers. This is why it’s essential to have an understanding of how hackers can break into your accounts and your system and what you can do to protect yourself.

All Sessions on demand

Panel discussion: Avoiding Digital Danger Zones. With Anne Roth (Tactical Tech), Hauke Gierow (Reporters Without Borders), Ala’a Shehabi (Bahrainwatch), Christian Stöcker (Spiegel Online)

Sebastian Mondial: Secure communication between journalists: learning from the offshore leaks collaboration.

Anne Roth, Tactical Tech: Your digital footprint: what going online reveals about you and how to minimize your tracks

Hauke Gierow, Reporters Without Borders: Digital surveillance around the world – an overview of online spying on journalists

Dan O Clunaigh, Tactical Tech: Safer mobile use – get smart about using your cell phone

Morgan Marquis-Boire: What’s in that message? The dangers lurking in links and attachments

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